The Chronicles of Conan
Volume 8 - Brothers of the Blade and Other Stories

Author: Roy Thomas
Artists: Various
Titan Books
RRP: £12.99
1 84576 137 5
Available 26 August 2005

In a fantastic world filled with malevolent magicians and dangerous doppelgangers, one man pits his flesh, blood, and steel against an endless tide of enemies natural and supernatural that would seek to destroy him. That man is Conan! Whether he's going toe-to-toe against a lumbering beast or taking on a shipload of cut-throats and pirates, Conan's strength, cunning, and iron will know no equal...

Brother of the Blade is yet another worthy edition to the Conan stable. This collection has adventures on the high seas, giant monsters that look like they've crawled out of the mind of Ray Harryhausen, the usual sword action and the odd beautiful maiden... what more do you need for a riveting story?

The artwork is up to the usual high standard and Titan have done us proud, yet again, but releasing this on high grade paper stock.

Whether you are a Conan fan, or lover of great art or fine storytelling, one thing is certain: everyone should give this series a chance. You won't regret it.

Pete Boomer

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