Tom Strong's Terrific Tales
Volume 2

Authors: Various
Artists: Various
Titan Books
RRP: £19.99
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Available 26 August 2005

Tom Strong headlines another series of previously untold adventures of his own, as well as the future-fantasy narratives of Jonni Future, and tales of Young Tom Strong in his early days on the tropical paradise island of Attabar Teru. Also featured are Tom's daughter Tesla Strong, as well as Tom's wife Dhalua, and their friends and companions, such as the intelligent ape King Solomon and the robot helpmate Pneuman, plus a tour of Tom's home town...

The second volume of Tom Strong's Terrific Tales is an improvement on Volume 1. The plotlines continue from one tale to the next in the Young Tom Strong tales, which helps to keep the reader interested in events.

Between these stories are Jonni Future tales and stand alone jokey stories. These include the animated cartoon spoof of Wacky Races, G-G-Ghosts at the Gear Stick, and Tesla Strong: The Danger Daughter, which sees Tesla being captured by the owner of a big game park - a park where the hunted species are beautiful women. Coloring Our Perceptions, which follows a normal Joe as he daydreams about being a superhero, is probably the best of these stand alone stories - and has a very unexpected twist in the tale. There is also an essay called Millennium Memories, which offers a guide to the history of Tom's home town.

In amongst the Young Tom Strong stories we get yet another retelling of how Strong's parents came to be trapped on a desert island (also see if you can spot Popeye in this tale).

Tom Strong fans will not be disappointed by this collection and, to be quite honest, even if you've never read a Tom Strong story before it's relatively simple to slip into this collection and feel right at home.

A very strong collection of terrific tales.

Pete Boomer

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