Y: The Last Man
Ring of Truth

Author: Brian K. Vaughan
Artists: Pia Guerra and Jose Marzan, Jr.
Titan Books
RRP: £9.99
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Available 26 August 2005

It's been nearly two years since Yorick Brown, the last man on Earth, set out to cross North America with his pet monkey Ampersand (the only other male mammal left alive after the plague of 2002 killed everyone on the planet with a Y chromosome). Now Yorick and his companions - government Agent 355 and bioengineer Dr. Allison Mann - have finally reached Dr. Mann's laboratory in San Francisco, where she can begin trying to unravel the secret of Yorick and Ampersand's survival...

Ring of Truth is the fifth collection in the Y: The Last Man series. In this book Hero finally comes to her senses and sets off to track down her brother... although those voices in her head may be a slight hindrance. And Yorick is tempted to cheat on his girlfriend - who may not even still be alive. Will he give in to his carnal desires, or is he much stronger than that?

Personally I was glad that Yorick got the chance to act more like a real human. His interaction with Beth was really believable. It also helps him to see that he is mere flesh and blood, and not some holy second coming - as has been the impression in the past. And, when it is discovered why Yorick and Ampersand may have survived the plague, this helps to further bring Yorick's head down from the clouds - and he suddenly realises that it's all just down to luck and not some intervention by his maker.

The reintroduction to Hero was welcomed, although I did feel that she got over her "sickness" a little too quickly. I thought this was going to be a plot device that they would hold over for use in the future.

Whether you've been following this series from the start, or this is your first experience of Yorick's world, you'll certainly be entertained.

Darren Rea

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