The Authority
Revolution - Book One

Author: Ed Brubaker
Artists: Dustin Nguyen and Richard Friend
Titan Books
RRP: £9.99
1 84576 177 4
Available 23 September 2005

The Authority has beaten invincible foes and insurmountable odds time and time again. So taking over the government of the United States would be an easy assignment... or so they thought. They never counted on Paul Revere and the Sons of Liberty inciting the American populace into rebelling against them. Can the authority survive internal struggles long enough to stop a revolution guaranteed to come to a calamitous end?...

Revolution - Book One is one hell of a cracking Authority collection. Midnighter has a bit of a dilemma. Thrust into a near future, an older Apollo informs Midnighter that he must do something drastic in order to save the planet. If he doesn't do as Apollo suggests then his, as well as all mankind's, future will not be worth living. But is this really Apollo? Or someone pretending to be him? Midnighter must decide, and he doesn't have very long to make his move.

The script shifts along at a cracking pace, although I was amused to see that Swift was incapacitated again. If she's not being held hostage (as in Human on the Inside) then she's out sparko, spending most of the time in a hospital bed. And the art is up to the usual standard we've come to expect.

It was also great to see a more human side to Midnighter. While he still mopes around for a great deal of the time, at least he gets to do something important other than skulk around in the background saying very little and acting all macho.

Authority fans are in for a treat. This is well worth owning.

Pete Boomer

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