Batman / Superman / Wonder Woman

Author: Matt Wagner
Artist: Matt Wagner
Titan Books
RRP: £10.99
1 84023 892 5
Available 23 September 2005

Billionaire eco-terrorist Ra's al Ghul is on a mad quest to remake the world in his own image. With the juggernaut clone of Superman known as Bizarro and a deadly rogue Amazon by his side, this troika of terror casts an ominous shadow over the future of mankind...

Trinity sees the birth of a legendary alliance, as Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman join forces, for the first time, to defeat a common enemy. Ra's Al Ghul has freed the frozen Bizarro version of Superman from his icy prison and sets about employing his services to steal a number of Russian missiles. And along the way Ghul has managed to employ the services of a mysterious woman.

Okay, it's hardly the world's most original plot. "Bad man steals weapons of mass destruction in order to change the world" style stories have been done to death. But it doesn't matter. The Ghul element of the story is just a convenient backdrop for the main narrative - the alliance of Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman. And it works really well too.

If there's ever been a release to prove that an artist can write just as well as they can draw, then this is it. Matt Wagner's tale is beautifully complimented by some stunning imagery - the panels of Wonder Woman bound in chains is spectacular.

This is a must own collection for all Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman fans.

Nick Smithson

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