Swamp Thing
Love in Vain

Author: Joshua Dysart
Artists: Enrique Breccia and Timothy Green II
Titan Books
RRP 12.99
ISBN 1 84576 195 2
Available 21 October 2005

Though he once wielded the combined power of all the Earth's elemental forces, the creature known as Swamp Thing has renounced his omnipotence and returned to his original status as the avatar of the Green - the web of energy connecting all of the world's plant life. But the sacrifice has left him fragmented and vulnerable - a state which his oldest enemy is now ready to exploit. Proving that not even Hell itself can contain the pure malice of his soul, Arcane is about to break out of his eternal damnation into the world of the living - and his designs for revenge threaten to sink not only the Swamp Thing and his family but everything else under the sun into a never-ending nightmare of corruption and despair...

Love in Vain is a crackingly good Swamp Thing collection. It's got everything a good horror movie would be proud of - sick monsters, reanimated corpses and beautiful damsels (of a sort). And, if you're not impressed by the interdimensional snake that has attached itself to a travelling evangelist, then you have no sense of humour.

Joshua Dysart twisted little tale is brought kicking and screaming to life by Enrique Breccia's very sick illustrations - I really wouldn't want to see what these two weirdoes do for fun! Not only will Swamp Thing fans love this graphic novel, but anyone who is of a twisted persuasion will find much to interest them between the pages.

It also helps that this collection has some of the finest grade glossy pages and a great repro job.

My only slight moan is that I could have read twice as many pages and still have come away wanting more... more... more! A very worthy edition to the Swamp Thing stable.

Pete Boomer

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