V For Vendetta (Hardback)

Author: Alan Moore
Artist: David Lloyd
Titan Books
RRP 24.99
ISBN 1 84576 182 0
Available 25 November 2005

Set in an imagined future England that has given itself over to fascism, this groundbreaking story captures both the suffocating nature of life in an authoritarian police state and the redemptive power of the human spirit which rebels against it. Crafted with sterling clarity and intelligence,
V For Vendetta brings an unequalled depth of characterisation and verisimilitude to its unflinching account of oppression and resistance...

V For Vendetta is one of Alan Moore's best loved creations and will be given the Hollywood treatment next year (2006). Originally published in 1990, it is a frightening and powerful story about the loss of freedom and individuality in a totalitarian England. Written against a background of third term Thatcherism and tabloid rants against minorities, this is a work of startling clarity.

While it draws obvious parallels with George Orwell's classic 1984 (some would even say that it rips off most of Orwell's ideas) it represents a terrifying portrait of totalitarianism and resistance.

Just who is the strange masked man known as V? And what do those in charge of England really know about him? Join Moore on his journey as he unravels the past.

This reissue is a must own collection for all comic fans. Savour every page - this is a story not to be rushed.

Pete Boomer

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