Green Lantern
Rebirth (Hardback)

Author: Geoff Johns
Artists: Various
Titan Books
RRP 19.99
ISBN 1 84576 131 6
Available 23 December 2005

He was the greatest Green Lantern of them all. Then Hal Jordan went mad and ultimately died in an attempt to redeem himself. But fate was not done with him. Today his soul searches for redemption as the Spectre. But redemption may not be what Jordan himself needs, or wants. The fates of the entire Green Lantern Corps are revealed in this tale of heroism involving a colossal roster of superheroes...

Rebirth is only really going to be of interest to serious Green Lantern fans. It's certainly not the sort of collection that the casual comic fan will be able to pick up and easily digest. It's also a little too dry to get most casual readers into the Green Lantern universe.

I have to admit to not being a huge Green Lantern fan myself, and I really had to force myself to not give up on this collection. It's a little too heavy going in places, and it takes itself far too seriously for my liking.

While Geoff Johns writing is a tad dry, the artists (Ethan Van Sciver, Prentis Rollins and Marlo Alquiza) all do a fantastic job of making this a visual treat.

This collection has been given the usual special treatment - a good quality hardback cover with impressive paper stock.

Not the most engaging collection, and as it will only really appeal to Green Lantern fans, I'd advise caution before parting with your money.

Ray Thompson

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