Prelude to Infinite Crisis

Authors: Various
Artists: Various
Titan Books
RRP 4.99
ISBN 1 84576 209 6
Available 23 December 2005

A new crisis is coming. For some time now, events have been conspiring beyond the knowledge of Earth's heroes. Culled from nearly two dozen comics are the seeds that have been sown for the last few years. Trace the development of cabals and enmities that will result in bloodshed and heartbreak...

Prelude to Infinite Crisis is a bit of an odd release. It's about the same size as your standard comic book, but with a hefty £5 price tag.

While the artwork and story are interesting enough, there's nothing to really shout about. It's good, but nothing special. I also found it annoying that just about every other page had the name of the writer and artist plastered on it - something made even more bizarre by the fact that no writer or artist credits appear on the front or the spine of this collection.

Personally, I'd have preferred to have seen this added into the first Countdown to Infinite Crisis collection - not as a stand alone release. Sadly, like this review, Prelude to Infinite Crisis comes up short.

Ray Thompson

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