Buffy The Vampire Slayer

Author: Christopher Golden
Artist: Logan Lubera
Titan Books
RRP: £8.99
ISBN 1 84023 444 X
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Oz is a long way from Sunnydale. He's travelled to Tibet to seek the wisdom of a monk who might help him control the wolf inside him. With the help of a demon girl and her family, Oz finally manages to find the monk, but also manages to find trouble. Oz and his new friends now have to face off against a maniacal demon overlord and his minions...

As with most graphic novels, the stories seem to have less depth than they used to. Oz is a good example of this. A good story, yes, but there still could have been a lot more to it. On the other hand, the OZ series is great, as it adds more to the Buffy series, and takes on the story of one of the characters that left the show.

It tells the tale of some of Oz's travels and the experiences that lead him to control the wolf inside him all the time. The artwork succeeds in making the wolf look much better than it ever did in the show, but Oz's face seems to have had a transformation from the one we know!

All in all its worth a read, and definitely worth adding to the collection if you are a big Buffy fan.

Keri Allan

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