Murder Mysteries

Authors: Neil Gaiman & P. Craig Russell
P. Craig Russell & Lovern Kindzierski
Titan Books
RRP 10.99
ISBN 1 84023 521 7
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A lonely man in Los Angeles is told a unique tale - a passion play that shed light on the events before the creation of the world. Constructing the Universe is a vast task - and up in Heaven, God has allocated roles to all of his angels, even is the roles are more ineffable than others. But when a murder takes place - the first murder - an archangel is assigned to investigate...

Originally a short story and radio play written by Neil Gaiman, with a movie currently in the pipeline, Murder Mysteries is a beautifully envisaged work of art.

Looking at how the Universe may have been created and how mankind came to be as screwed up as he finally did may be the result of God's workers, or Angels as we know them.

The story starts when one man meets up with an old flame and then leaves, with no memory of how he left. It is then he meets a homeless guy on a park bench who tells him the story of creation.

Could these be the mad ramblings of a drunken loner with a mental health problem? Or is he really one of God's original workforce?

P. Craig Russell's artwork brings to mind, on more than one occasion, the style of Jim Baike and his views of the otherworld are breathtaking to behold. If you want a darn good read that offers food for thought then this is worth every penny.

Ray Thompson

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