Seed of Destruction

Author: John Byrne
Artist: Mike Mignola
Titan Books
RRP 14.99
ISBN 1 84023 537 3
Available now

Hellboy, the world's greatest paranormal detective. Unfortunately for him, the one mystery he's never been able to solve is the mystery of his own origin. Red-skinned, pointy tailed and horned, he stands out in a crowd. But did he come from hell to damn us or to save us?...

HellBoy: Seed of Destruction starts, rather helpfully with the creation of our hero then moves on a few years where we discover that he has become part of a paranormal Detective agency.

If you thought frogs were harmless then you'd better thing again - Hellboy must fight for his life against some truly horrifying monsters that can kill a human in minutes. You soon start to realise that in Hellboy's world not everything is as it seems.

Hellboy borrows a lot from superstitious folklore and ancient ghost stories and this collection represents one of the characters finest stories.

If you are bored of truth, justice and the American way then you'll love the weird plot devices that are contained in Hellboy.

Weird, but entertaining.

Nick Smithson

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