Star Wars
The Hunt for Aurra Sing

Author: Tim Truman
Artists: David Fabbri & Christian Dalla Vecchia
Titan Books
RRP 10.99
ISBN 1 84023 447 4
Available now

When two Jedi are cut down in the very shadow of their temple on Coruscant, the killer's identity is already known - the mysterious, Jedi hating, bounty hunter Aurra Sing. Now two Jedi and a young trainee must travel across the galaxy on a mission to find Aurra, before she can carry out her next deadly mission...

The Hunt for Aurra Sing is a good example of how not to construct a comic book. Take a character from a popular movie, give them their own comic to help flesh out what was a very shallow character in the first place, and then try and create an engaging story that will appeal to fans of the original movie.

I wasn't that struck on the character of Aurra Sing to begin with and I thought this graphic novel would, perhaps give me the chance to find something appealing about what I considered a rather dull character. Alas it failed to do this and I was bored before I'd managed to reach the half way mark.

This shows just how the Hollywood money making machine works. Although it could be worse. It could have been a Jar Jar graphic novel.

At just under £11 this graphic novel is incredibly thin, the artwork is nothing to write home about and the story is a little on the dull side. One for Aurra Sing fans only.

Nick Smithson

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