The Authority
Earth Inferno & Other Stories

Authors: Various
Artists: Various
Titan Books
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They are the answer to the world's woes
, the ultimate response. They are the Authority, and no one messes with them. Now, Jack Hawksmoor, Apollo, the Midnighter, Swift, the Engineer and the Doctor are about to get a wake-up call...

The Authority: Earth Inferno and Other Stories is a strange collection of stories which only really works if you are familiar with the six superheroes and how they interact. If you are not then you are really going to need a crash course.

The collection kicks off with Earth Inferno which sees our planet fighting back. While The Authority have spent years fighting for mankind, our home has decided enough is enough and sends tidal waves and erupting volcanos in order to wipe our species of the face of the Earth. Some of the artwork in this story is breathtaking - and there is a scene set in New York in which the Twin Towers are destroyed by a huge tidal wave, which in retrospect is quite scary.

There is also a wonderfully thought out story called Isolation which revolves around the beautiful Engineer. This is a good story for those not familiar with the character as it gives the reader a little more background into this mysterious woman. Her longing in this story is just to have a normal sex life.

The final story, Orbital, features Jack Hawksmoor and, as Isolation before it, it gives the reader a little more background into what makes him tick.

This collection tackles issues, including homosexuality and erotic awakenings, in a mature and thought proving way. The art work is wonderful and the stories have a lot of hidden depth.

If you are a real comic fan then you will want to add this to you collection. Powerful stuff.

Pete Boomer

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