Bruce Wayne: Murderer?

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Artists: Various
Titan Books
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When Vesper Fairchild, socialite and friend of Bruce Wayne, is found dead at Wayne Manor, all hell breaks loose - and Bruce Wayne is the prime suspect in her murder. With Wayne voluntarily imprisoned, a host of his allies must find a way to clear his name. But first, they'll need to believe that Bruce Wayne isn't the killer...

Bruce Wayne - Murderer? reprints almost 260 pages from the pages of DC Comics and turns the dark world of Batman on its head. Trapped in Blackgate Prison, Wayne can do nothing but hope his friends can uncover the truth before it is too late - and the evidence is stacked against him.

As the story progresses his closest allies start to question whether the whole thing is a frame up, or whether Wayne's recent erratic behaviour did indeed lead him to murder an innocent woman. As details about the relationship between Fairchild and Wayne come to light it soon becomes apparent that Wayne has a pretty strong motive. And why, when he had always despised the use of guns, did he buy the murder weapon days before from a small gun shop?

As the plot unfolds it soon becomes clear that none of Batman's enemies could have been responsible and Fairchild herself had no enemies to speak of.

The artwork is as gothic as you'd expect from the genre and the plot is depressingly dark. Whether you are a die hard Bat freak, or a newcomer to the world of winged vigilante, there is something here for you.

This is certainly a graphic novel that I will be rereading again in the near future. Wonderfully entertaining.

Nick Smithson

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