Graphic Novel
Green Lantern vs Aliens

Author: Ron Marz and Rick Leonardi
Titan Books
ISBN 1-84023-283-8
Available now

On a past mission the Green Lantern made a snap decision. He had the opportunity to wipe out the Aliens species for good but instead banished them to an uninhabited planet where they could harm no one. Now, years later, a new Green Lantern must rectify this fatal decision by rescuing the crew of a ship which has crashed landed on the Aliens infested planet and then deciding what to do with mankind's deadliest enemy...

Green Lantern Vs Aliens is wonderfully constructed and will captivate both fans of Green Lantern as well as those who have had no dealings with the character.

Marz, as is to be expected, unwinds the plot with a few surprises along the way - why is it the first crew member they encounter doesn't have a scratch on her? You'll discover soon enough!

Marz teases the reader making him question whether she is an Alien or just very lucky and I promise you now that the conclusion will have you wanting more.

In an industry flooded with cartoon superheroes it is refreshing that Titan, yet again, manages to pull something new out of the bag. A must read.

Darren Rea

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