Graphic Novel
Dark Victory

Author: Jeph Loeb & Tim Sale
Titan Books
ISBN 1-84023-332-X
Available 23 November

Key figures in the Gotham police department are being picked off one by one. The murderer kills his victims by hanging them, leaving a sick note in the form of the popular hangman game. Who or what is behind these murders and can Batman find the them before half the police force are dead?...

Set during Batman's early years Dark Victory features villains including the Joker, Poison Ivy and Mr Freeze, as well as introducing the character of Robin.

A nice touch is the fact that Loeb includes the death of an ex-cop called Loeb! Hmm has he the writer got a grudge against a member of his family.

This not only has an excellent plot, but is wonderfully illustrated and to top it off Titan have done fans of the Batman proud with this graphic novel. Just under 400 pages of quality glossy paper provide the perfect canvas for such a work of art. And encasing the whole thing in a hardback rounds off the perfect package.

Whether you are a Bat-nut or casual comic collector this has got to be the graphic novel to own this year. You should put this one down on your Xmas list.

Darren Rea

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