Graphic Novel

Author: Chris Boal, Tom Hassbender and Jim Pascoe
Titan Books
ISBN 1-84023-382-6
Available now

Buffy is being stalked by a creature intent on killing her in order to bring an end to the world, and only a slayer lost in the past can save her. Also a touch of voodoo comes to Sunnydale, when Buffy upsets someone she only tried to help...

Autumnal is a collection of stories from the one shot comic series, which although fun to read, does not stand out as worth buying again for 8.99. The first story - The heart of a Slayer - is quite a good read, introducing another of the past slayers, and seeing the difficulties they have in trying to understand her language: one that died along when she should have centuries ago.

Cemetery of Lost Love, is much shorter than the first story, and not as good. Perhaps it comes to an end too quickly and could have been made into something much better.

If you haven't read these before then they are worth picking up if you are a big Buffy fan, but for those less devout in faith, save your money for a story with more depth and intrigue such as the tales of the slayer graphic novel.

Overall a nice read, but there is much better out there.

Keri Allan

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