Graphic Novel
Judge Dredd: Featuring Judge Death

Author: John Wagner & Brian Bolland
Titan Books
ISBN 1-84023-386-9
Available now

Judge Dredd's most feared enemy has to be Judge Death (a warped ghoul from a parallel version of Earth where life itself is a crime) and it is great to see some of the earliest Death stories brought to life once again in this well thought out hardback collector's edition.

Showing my age now, but I actually remember some of these stories from when they originally ran in 2000 AD. Dredd was actually created in 1977 by John Wagner and artist Carlos Ezquerra and the stories contained in this collection range from 1978 to 1981.

This collection is a Dredd freak's dream and, although the stories are reprinted in their original black and white style, to add colour to such works of art would detract from some of the darkness that only B&W can offer.

Judge Anderson also makes her first appearance in the first story to feature Judge Death and boy - what a cliffhanger this was when it was presented in 2000 AD. But when Death returned in later episodes he was joined by his departed brothers - Fire, Mortis and Fear - and this band of demons really made sure that Dredd's work was cut out for him - I always thought it was such a shame that the Judge Dredd movie was such a flop - a sequel starring the four alternative universe judges would have been such a great idea.

Judge Dredd fans must purchase this! It is one of the best collections out there and Titan should be proud of releasing such a well thought out and carefully crafted work of art - even the cover is dark!

Ray Thompson

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