Graphic Novel
Earthly Possessions

Author: Christopher Golden
Titan Books
ISBN 1-84023-280-3
Available now

A string of possessions among the rich and famous in LA lead Angel to team up with an exorcist. But when the demonic activity suddenly goes into overdrive, Angel must find out who the mysterious Father Gaetano is and whether he can trust him...

Earthly Possessions is the third Angel graphic novel to be published in the US by Dark Horse and reprinted in the UK by Titan. Set during the middle of series one, the story is good, but doesn't really have any real substance to it.

While attempting to drive a demon out of a possessed lawyer, Angel is given a well-timed hand by Father Noe, an excommunicated priest. Noe seems to be an expert at driving out demons, and he's known as "The Exorcist to the Stars." But Angel has reason to believe there's a darker reason for the Father's success. The story is pretty clear cut, and not the most thrilling.

Its biggest weakness is how they deal with Doyle's death. The novel is not clear on what happens and when, but Doyle is there at the start of the book, and then he disappears. The only way you can work out that he dies is the fact there are no cutting one liners from Cordy, and Angel seems to be brooding more than normal. An OK Angel story, but there have been far better.

Keri Allen