Graphic Novel

Silent Running

Author: Scott Peterson, Kelly Pucket and Damion Scott
Titan Books
ISBN 1-84023-266-8
Available 23 March 2001

Commissioner Gordon's daughter has retired as Batgirl due to the fact she is confined to a wheelchair. Her replacement is a mute girl who was trained from an earlier age by her father to read body language. Her skills are so finely tuned that while she can't understand anything verbally, she can read emotions purely on the basis of movement. Batman soon discovers that Batgirl's past is much more dark than he at first thought...

This Batgirl marks a new dark era in the Batman universe. You thought Batman was a tough, no nonsense character, well this Batgirl makes him look like an old softie. You thought that Batman had had a terrible childhood, well this Batgirl's childhood makes Batman's look like a utopia.

My only real gripe is that it is a little too heavy going in places. I might be getting old but I had a real job following the plot at times (and this is a guy who understood The Dark Knight Returns on his first read through).

If you want to spent an hour or so reading something light hearted to lift your spirit I suggest you look elsewhere, however, if you are in the mood for some dark, disturbing material then this is perfect.

A fine read, that is well presented.

Darren Rea