Graphic Novel
Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Blood of Carthage

Author: Christopher Golden
Titan Books
ISBN 1-84023-281-1
Available 22 June 2001

Angel is gone, Buffy's world is in pieces, and now of course Sunnydale needs her to be at her fighting best. The demons are gathering, a max influx unlike any seen before. And behind it all, the new menace of Vraka and Xerxes the Blind, and a plan to wash Sunnydale in the Blood of Carthage...

Blood of Carthage is without a doubt one of the better Buffy Graphic Novels to be published. Written by Christopher Golden, one of the most well known authors of the Buffy stories as well as being responsible for the Watchers Guides, he turns a comic strip into a full blown novel - a pretty mean feat to master and he does.

The story is one of the more original, and also covers a lot more ground than just monster killing. This is the first to be set around series four when Buffy is at university, and deals with the stresses and strains of being a teenager - as well as the problems that come with being the chosen one. It shows that we all make mistakes, but just that most people's don't bring about the apocalypse.

Golden's writing also adds another angle to the story by introducing new characters to the comic world of Buffy - such as Anya, and also gives spike a bigger role. But where are Riley and Tara? Golden adds little tit bits of info to the story, which won't mean a lot to all readers, but brings together characters from past stories and completes story arcs of smaller characters we have met in other novels.

The ghost of Lucy Hanover and the Demon Tergazzi are reintroduced in this book, and readers of Buffy novels Immortal and the Gatekeeper trilogy will recognise these guys.

With great artwork, and an added bonus section of the making of the novel, it is worth every penny. Child Xander and Willow are definitely worth checking out.

Keri Allen