Graphic Novel
Star Wars
Darth Maul

Author: Ron Marz & Jan Duursema
Titan Books
ISBN 1-84023-285-4
Available 22 June 2001

Darth Maul, lethal apprentice to and enforcer for the heinous Darth Sidious, embarks upon a quest to cause chaos throughout the galaxy and reek vengeance upon the Jedi Order...

Set before the events of Star Wars: Episode One - The Phantom Menace this graphic novel takes a look at how skilled and deadly Darth Maul really is.

He starts by infiltrating an underground crime syndicate called Dark Sun whose collection of thugs are seriously threatening to unbalance Darth Sidious' plans to overthrow the Republic.

The artwork is of exceptional quality while the story is extremely engaging. Maul came across as a bit of a softy in the movie. Sure he was evil, but he had only just been introduced before he was sliced in two. Here we get to see what a hardened work of art he really is. He kills aliens without a second thought, slicing them in two with his trusty lightsabre and double crosses those who though him an equal.

This is one of the most enjoyable graphic novels I have read for a long time. If you want to relax with a good piece of eye candy then this is the book for you.

Darren Rea