Starring: Guy Pearce & Carrie-Anne Moss
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Certificate: 15
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Darren Rea

To access this Easter Egg is simple. On the extras menu (which in itself is original in that you must stop the rotating Polaroid images to access each extra screen) wait until you see the last Polaroid picture and then press the enter button on your DVD remote control.

The extras include an interview with Nolan, and a collection of other standard extras, but where this DVD really comes into its own is The Beginning of the End Easter Egg. Here you get to see the film in chronological order so that the events unfold as it goes along (not nearly as interesting a plot).

This movie is original and outstanding in its construction and is one film that must be seen at least twice.

Carrie-Anne Moss demonstrates great range in the role of Natalie, a woman who has also lost someone she loves.

This process is an ingenious storytelling device which, the writer/director Christopher Nolan explains is a tool to help the viewer take a glimpse into what Shelby's life must be like. The only way he knows who to trust is by reading the hand-written notes on the back of the Polaroids as well as examining his tattoos.

The narrative for Memento is played in reverse order, so the film actually starts with Shelby (Guy Pearce) killing the man that all the evidence points to being the guilty man and then works back, in increments of short segments until the whole plot is unwoven.

Leonard Shelby is out to track down and bring to justice the man who raped and murdered his wife. Unfortunately he suffers from acute short-term memory loss and is incapable of storing new memories for longer than 15 minutes. The only way he knows what to do and who he is with is by using Polaroid pictures of people and places to help him keep up to date on his progress. He also tattoos important clues on his body in a desperate attempt to solve the crime...

Now read the review backwards starting with the last paragraph

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