V: The mini series

Starring: Marc Singer, Jane Badler & Faye Grant
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Certificate: 12
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Fifty spaceships, each three miles across, hover ominously above our planet's major cities. The aliens aboard these craft tell us they come in peace and want to share our planet's natural resources in order to survive. And naively the human race helps its new friends who are here for more sinister reasons...

I remember vividly watching Kenneth Johnson's science fiction mini series when it was originally broadcast in the UK. I remember being excited and thrilled by the great effects and excellent plot. But I was very young.

How does it hold up to today's efforts? Well, not surprisingly it has aged, but not that badly and I have to say it was a joy to watch this again after so long.

The human race portrayed in the series really does deserve to be wiped out and the way they buy into the whole Visitor idea has elements of cultism hidden away. And once you know what is coming to them you can't help but cheer the Visitors on.

I always remember Jane Badler, who plays the female alien Diana, as being extremely sexy and after watching the series again I am happy to report that, despite the dated permed hairdo, she still is.

There are some flaws, however. The theme music is almost a direct rip of Bernard Herrmann's theme for Hitchcock's North by North West and who can forget the crap scene where Diana unhinges her jaw to swallow a guineapig? Very unconvincing.

Not many extras here, but what there is is very good. You get a 25min behind the scenes documentary and and audio commentary throughout by director Kenneth Johnson.

That said, this series still stands the test of time and is well worth shelling out £20 for.

Darren Rea

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