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Starring: Mitsuo Iwata, Nozomu Sasaki and Mami Koyama
Manga Entertainment
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Certificate: 15
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Tokyo has been destroyed by a nuclear explosion. Now, in 2019, the city is reborn as Neo-Tokyo. Here gangs of bored teenagers spend there evenings running from the law and picking each other off. One gang member is involved in an accident which triggers dormant psychokinetic abilities that look set to destroy Neo-Tokyo if he isn't brought under control...

The most famous movie to emerge out of the Manga pen finally makes it way to DVD. But was the wait for Akira worth it?

In a word yes. The print has been scrubbed up nicely and there are a number of extras worthy of mention - although whether they warrant two discs is questionable. There are a total of three Easter eggs, (which I won't spoil for you) a making of featurette and a pretty pointless make your own trailer option.

The movie itself holds up to repeated viewing and the mere fact that anyone attempted to squeeze Katsukiro Otomo's original comic epic into two-hours worth of celluloid is remarkable. As such there are a number of things which have been left out of the movie. The most significant is the appearance (or almost lack of) of Akira, who only turns up at the very end of the movie.

This is still the finest Manga movie in my opinion and is a must own for all serious fans of the genre, or anyone who enjoys great story telling.


Pete Boomer


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