The Hole

Starring: Thora Birch, Daniel Brocklebank & Desmond Harrington
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Certificate: 15
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When a missing school girl appears, bloodied and deeply traumatised a police psychologist is soon on the scene to try and find out why she disappeared. It seems that, desperate to avoid a school fieldtrip to Wales three rebellious friends enlist Martin the school nerd to help them avoid a boring time. Mike agrees to hide them in an underground bunker as long as they let his friend Liz join them - Martin is in love with Liz, but she will not return that love. When Martin doesn't return to let them out the bunker looks set to become a tomb for the four teenagers...

The Hole is a web of intrigue, right from the opening sequence the director plays on our emotions to help keep the viewer off guard. Thirty minutes into the movie you think you know it all! You know why Martin is a nutter, you realise that although he was a jealous individual that he would never have let the joke go too far and that in the end he was just playing a stupid mind game. But boy are you in for a shock!

This movie is well constructed and you start believing that while it was a practice joke gone wrong that in the end at least everyone is OK. But as things unfold I found out asking myself why you were never shown the police interrogating the other three students - all is revealed.

If you are claustrophobic then this movie will drain the life out of you - imagine been stuck in an underground soundproof bunker in the middle of the woods with no chance of being discovered... Not a pretty thought is it?

This movie is similar in style to Shallow Grave and just as shocking.

Amber Leigh

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