Season Two

Starring: David Boreanaz, Charisma Carpenter & Alexis Denisof
20th Century Fox Home Entertainment
RRP: 79.99
Certificate: 15
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Angel Investigations continues to champion the cause of the good and sees one creature of the night seeking out other, vile creatures who have a hard time staying the right side of the law...

Yeah! Yeah! You know the the plot so there's no point in dragging this on any longer than we need to. Angel, is quiet simply, one hell of a great series. The conclusion to season one's cliffhanger is nicely handled (remember Darla was brought back to taunt Angel).

As was to be expected Fox are onto a winner with this DVD. The picture quality is very good and each episode is finally available widescreen as the episodes were originally filmed.

The series manages to balance a fine blend of humour and suspense elements with the end result being a show that is just this side of camp in places while at the same time providing some gritty story lines.

This box set features all the uncut episodes from season two and the extras, while not great, include a handful of audio commentaries, featurettes (Making Up the Monsters, Inside the Agency, Season 2 Overview and Stunts), still gallery, blue prints and scripts for Disharmony and Darla. There is also a Season 1 DVD trailer as well as cast biographies.

The Angel season two DVD box set continues the packaging theme that Fox have adopted for Buffy and Angel DVD releases by launching this release in the familiar book design. The episodes are 16:9 anamorphic widescreen. The quality of the basic story telling not as good as season one but there are many excellent highlights. Especially entertaining - the kareoke bar and its camp demon owner. However, the Darla story arch is a bit dull and the endless flashbacks to Angel's early life/death are a little intrusive, although visually engaging.

No surprises here. So dust off your wallet and purchase this now.

Nick Smithson

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