Enemy Mine

Starring: Dennis Quaid & Louis Gossett Jr
20th Century Fox Home Entertainment


Certificate: 12
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In the future a war rages between Earth and the planet Dracon. During a savage space battle a human and Draconian crash-land on a desolate, fiery planet. At first, the human (Dennis Quaid) and his reptilian, alien opponent (Louis Gossett) are intent on destroying each other. But after battling the elements and each other, the two stranded pilots gradually realise that the only way either of them will survive is to overcome their undying hatred...

Enemy Mine starts fairly well but never really manages to take off. The relationship between the human and Draconian starts to become interesting and then, wham! the Draconian announces he is pregnant?!!? A plot revelation that is spoiled for the viewer in the trailer.

The remaining 30 minutes then revolves around the human and young Draconian's growing friendship and what happens when one race finds them (I won't let on which).

A nice touch is that both species start to learn each others language - although for our benefit they mainly speak English - which is a far cry from the usual alien scenario where they are forced to learn our language. And it is refreshing to see that the human is portrayed as the more violent race with him instigating the majority of the physical fights, while the alien instigates the verbal insults.

The effects are not particularly groundbreaking and some of the monsters look so rubbery you can almost see the "Made in Taiwan" stamp on them.

Of course we are treated to the typical sickeningly happy ending. This movie will appeal to those who want to believe that the world is a great place and that everyone will live happily ever after.

The DVD is released in full widescreen which almost makes up for the lack of any real extras, which are particularly poor. For your money you get one extended scene (in German) the trailer and three behind the scenes images.

Not a bad film, just a but cliched and sickly.

Darren Rea

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