The Lost World

Starring: Bob Hoskins, James Fox, Matthew Rhys & Tom Ward
BBC Worldwide Publishing


Certificate: 12
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At the turn of the century, an expedition under the leadership of a maverick academic, Professor Challenger, leaves smoke-chocked London for the rainforests of South America in search of a mythical land - where it is said that time has stood still...

Ah! The BBC has managed to find a new vessel for its Walking with Dinosaurs special effects. After the, what was frankly disappointing, Walking with Beasts series Auntie Beeb pulls of an excellent made for TV movie in the form of The Lost World.

Bob Hoskins is wonderful as Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's crazed explorer who wants to prove to the world that he is not a madman and the rest of the cast turn in above average performances, especially Peter (Colombo) Faulk.

The effects are straight out of Walking with Dinosaurs, but seem more realistic set in their new surroundings. There are a few twists that the writers throw at us along the way, including the new ending which gives the production a more up-to-date feel.

The DVD contains a commentary by the producer and director and a 30 minute making of documentary.

If you want to see entertainment at its best, then this is a DVD for you. This proves that when you want good, solid program making, the BBC still has its finger on the pulse. Excellent.

Pete Boomer

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