Stargate SG-1
Volume 22

Starring: Richard Dean Anderson, Michael Shanks, Amanda Tapping & Christopher Judge
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Certificate: PG
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SG-1 return to Tollan to discover the inhabitants have reversed their policy on technology sharing. They offer Earth advance weaponry. Our heroes soon discover that things are not as they seem as they unearth that the deal spells great danger for Earth and the team must return to uncover the real agenda behind the deal...

Between Two Fires makes a lot more sense if you have seen the previous Tollan episodes. In the past the Tollan have been adamant that the sharing of technology is a no-go area as far as less advanced species are concerned (in other words us).

The conclusion is satisfying, if a little bleak, leaving you hoping that this storyline will be continued so that we can find out what has happened to them.


SG-1 discover an exciting opportunity to form an alliance with a highly advanced race, who are willing to share their life-extending medical technology. They are the Aschen, the danger from whom we have already seen (2010). Will the truth be revealed before it's too late for the future?...

2001 is a prequel sequel (if such a thing exists) which offers an explanation of the events of last seasons 2010 episode which saw the Aschen being unmasked as a race of Nazi-like aliens who are eager to ensure every race they encounter are sterilised in order to stop them spreading. We already know the outcome, so it is not surprising, but I'd strongly advise you to watch last seasons 2010 before settling down to watch this - it'll make more sense.

The audio commentary also highlights an issue I had with the episode 2010 in which the lip-sync on some of the footage where the "Aschen" were mentioned wasn't very good. It is explained that in that episode, when they started filming the actors were told to pronounce the race as: "Ashen" because they looked like they were ash coloured. But half way through recording they decided to call them "Ash-en" and so the previous footage was dubbed over.

A strong episode which, again, doesn't necessarily end on a high note.


A Russian vehicle is ambushed and its cargo, a Jaffa, is taken. Elsewhere, Carter is also abducted. While investigating, O'Neill is contacted by Col. Maybourne, in whom SG-1 are forced to trust in order to save Sam and solve the connection to the Jaffa. The trail leads to deadly experiments conducted by a reclusive billionaire...

Desperate Measures is an interesting episode, but a little slow in places. The reclusive billionaire who has kidnapped the Jaffa and Carter claims to have a good excuse for why he is doing what he is, but it is never explained how he knows so much about the Stargate project. The ending holds the episode open for the producers to revisit in the future but I can't help hoping that they don't. Not one of the better episodes. Altough, it is nice to see Maybourne make an appearance.


A ship heading for Earth is linked to the pod found through the Alien Marty (last seasons Point Of No Return). SG-1 find that Marty has become a consultant on a sci-fi series called Wormhole X-treme, with a plot-line uncannily like the Stargate programme. Yet Marty has no memory of their past relationship or of the real SGC...

Wormhole X-Treme is the third episode on this disc that helps if you have seen previous episodes. This episode was filmed to celebrate the shows 100th episode and if you haven't seen the material on the previous discs flagging this up then you obviously haven't been paying attention.

The fact that the shows producers poke fun at themselves is refreshing, but it didn't quiet live up to my expectations. Don't get me wrong, it is very funny. It's just I was hoping for a little more action on the Wormhole X-Treme set. It's good to see that most of the extras are real people from behind the scenes on the Stargate series and the fake-bloobers at the end of the episode are probably the best part.

This disc also has a video diary filmed by Christopher Judge, but sadly it is for an episode not yet shown, so anyone watching this will have the ending to that episode spoilt for them.

Also there are commentaries for each episode and without a doubt the episodes where director Peter DeLuise is involved are always worth watching. He really gets into the swing of things and throws out funny line after funny line.

All in all, an above average disc and a worthy addition to your collection.

Darren Rea

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