Doctor Who
Carnival of Monsters

Starring: Jon Pertwee
BBC Worldwide


Certificate: U
Available now

The Doctor and Jo take the TARDIS on a test flight. They arrive on a cargo ship, the SS Bernice, which seems to be crossing the Indian Ocean in 1926. In fact, the ship and its crew have been miniaturised and trapped inside a miniscope - a banned entertainment peepshow - on the planet Inter Minor...

Carnival of Monsters may not generally be regarded as a classic Doctor Who story but there are certainly enough touches to this production to raise it pretty high in the list of all time favourites for most fans of the show. The script is first rate, the supporting cast better than usual and there's also plenty of humour to be had in between the action. And at the centre of it all, a dustbin with a TV on top - the Scope, a window onto distant worlds inhabited by exotic and dangerous creatures.

But the Scope is not simply a device for screening wildlife films, what appears on its monitor is actually happening. The Scope, you see, contains real miniaturised environments, held in compression by a highly sophisticated technology.

Another fine disc with excellent extras. The slightly camp clock countdown - and the throwaway remark about Cape Kennedy - is probably my favourite [hidden] extra but there's really nothing here to disappoint even the most hard-to-please fan.

A first class transfer neatly packaged with some very entertaining extra material. Quite simply superb.

Anthony Clark

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