Starring: Billy Zane
Momentum Pictures


Certificate: 12
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This supercharged adventure follows four modern day warriors who learn they've been predestined from birth to defeat The Shadowmen, an army of dark angels hell bent on the destruction of the world. Leading the fight is Oz, a supernatural martial arts master whose skills are tested to the limit...

The idea for Invincible was conceived by director Jet Li and Mel Gibson during the production of Lethal Weapon 4 as a mix of martial arts and Matrix-style imagery. Initially planned as a TV series, the project ended up as a TV movie, screened in the US last November so this is a 'direct to video' product. However, it's not all bad if you like by-numbers action.

The plot centres on a group of martial arts experts, brought together by fate, who must recover a powerful stone tablet that has the power to end the world before the forces of evil get their hands on it. And to make matters more complex, it's been broken in two. Good kick boxes evil's arse - often in slow motion - while characters mutter mystic gibberish.

Invincible is flashy and frantic but don't be expecting too much in the way of character development. But if martial arts are your thing then this movie will probably provide an enjoyable distraction.

Anthony Clark