One Million Years B.C.

Starring: Raquel Welch, John Richardson & Robert Brown
Warner Home Video
/Studio Canal

Certificate: 12
Available now


Caveman Tumak is banished by his savage tribe and briefly settles with a rival group of peaceful coastal-dwellers where he meets the beautiful Loana. When Tumak is banished again for primeval behaviour, Loana chooses to ignore their tribal differences and brave the dangers of the unforgiving prehistoric world to be by his side. Can their love protect them in this hostile land of belching volcanoes, terrifying earthquakes and bloodthirsty dinosaurs?...

One Million Years BC catapulted Raquel Welch into the limelight, but not for her acting ability. No acting skills required here. Just grunts and shaking of an ample cleavage are the order of the day.

But you have to admire this movie. How many other films do you know that could survive for over 90 minutes with no real dialogue?

The locations look authentic (shot in the Canary Islands) and Ray Harryhausen's monsters look great (in fact they save this movie from being a complete turkey). However, whoever decided that the first time we see one of the dinosaurs it should be a lizard filmed up close, should have been taken out and shot. Harryhausen would have done a much better job with an animated model.

While the plot is nothing spectacular and the music is oddly placed - rousing music which merely accompanies a shot of some hills is one noticeable scene - at least you can feel safe in the knowledge that Doug McClure doesn't appear.

The DVD includes the theatrical trailer, a new seven minute interview with the still gorgeous Raquel Welch and a recent 12 minute interview with Ray Harryhausen - which shows him playing with some of the model monsters that appear in the movie.

Not a great movie by any standards, but still fun to watch in places.

Pete Boomer

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