Just Visiting

Starring: Jean Reno, Christian Clavier, Tara Reid & Malcolm McDowell
Momentum Pictures


Certificate: PG
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On the eve
of medieval knight Thibault's wedding a wizard manages to send the brave knight and his servant 800 years into the future. Here, in the year 2001 they must find a way back to their time before they, and all their relatives, are wiped from existence...

Just Visiting is Jean-Marie's remake of his 1993 French comedy Les Visiteurs. You'd think that he could perfect the movie and turn it from a dog into a swan. But sadly, this movie has hardly any redeeming qualities whatsoever.

Oh, OK then. There are a few slightly funny scenes and I'm sure anyone under the age of 10 will watch this over and over again. But for lovers of comedy, the cinema or medieval history, please don't watch this.

The front of the DVD case is littered with lies. Firstly it claims that the disc contains interactive trailers. No it doesn't - unless the ability to fast forward through them is classed as interactive. There are about 10 trailers on this disc and each has to be watched before you get to the movie (although you can skip through them).

The next lie is the bizarre quotes from publications which are supposed to have reviewed the movie. Womans Own apparently think it is: "Better than Shrek!". While CD:UK Magazine (Don't ask why a CD magazine is reviewing a movie) claimed: "It couldn't be more hilarious." Now I don't know what they were watching, but it can't possibly have been the same movie I saw.

Just Visiting is a one gag movie. As a 10 minute short it might have been watchable, but there really isn't enough meat here to sustain the cast through a full length movie.

Pete Boomer