Anastasia/Ferngully: The Last Rainforest

Starring: Meg Ryan, John Cusack, Kelsey Grammer, Hank Azaria, Christopher Lloyd & Angela Lansbury
20th Century Fox Home Entertainment


Certificate: U
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When the shadow of revolution falls across Russia, Anastasia, the royal family's youngest daughter, barely escapes with her life. Years later, she meets the handsome young con-man, Dimitri. But as they set out for Paris to reclaim Anastasia's rightful legacy, they find themselves waging a battle against the evil monk Rasputin and his sidekick Bartok the bat...

Based on a true story Anastasia is a classic animated tale of romance and destiny. It is a moving and engaging tale which will enthral children and parents alike. The story is a dark, quite grim story which will come as a welcome relief for all those who have started to get bored of Disney - who have cornered the market on animated movies.

Extras include Anastasia: A Magical Journey documentary; Making of Anastasia featurette; Sing Along songs; and three interactive puzzles. The documentary reproduces a lot of the material from the featurette (which is worth watching) but I'm not complaining.

A wonderfully moving picture.


FernGully is a mysterious rainforest where a bat named Batty, whose radar has gone haywire, joins together with Crysta, Pips and the Beetle Boys to save their world from the evil Hexxus. Ignoring the warnings of her friends, Crysta, the curious tree fairy, explores the world beyond FernGully. She discovers Zak, a real live human who is helping to demolish the rainforest. Once Zak sees the beauty and magic of FernGully, he vows to save it. But it may be too late. The diabolical Hexxus is on the loose and intent on destroying all of FernGully...

Oh dear. FernGully: The Last Rainforest is a big disappointment. No real plot, musical numbers that are instantly forgettable (but there are not that many - so worry not).

The animation is good, and the incidental music is excellent, but more important things, like a plot, have been ignored.

Robin Williams' wacky bat has some genuinely funny lines - including two which play homage to Star Wars and Star Trek. But even he can not stop this movie from being a turkey. The only real benefit is that it only lasts for an hour and there are no extras.

If you like sentimental rubbish about saving our beautiful planet then you'll love this.

Ray Thompson

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