Stargate SG-1
Volume 25

Starring: Richard Dean Anderson, Michael Shanks, Amanda Tapping & Christopher Judge
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Certificate: PG
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Daniel Jackson returns from an off-world diplomatic mission, stricken with radiation poisoning and accused of sabotage by the host government. As Daniel fights for his life, slowly succumbing to the poison ravaging his body, SG-1 struggles to learn the truth of what really happened to him on the planet...

Meridian sees the much publicised departure of Michael Shanks from the series and also introduces his replacement. The story begins with Daniel arriving back from a mission suffering from radiation sickness and then the rest of the story is told in a series of flashbacks. Nice direction here has crossover shots between the present and the past linking seamlessly as well as excellent links between Daniel's plane of existence and the interior of the SGC facility. A moving performance by all concerned.

My only gripe is that the additional commentary track for this episode is really poor. All we are offered are comments about what is happening on screen - as though they are explaining the visuals to a blind person. We can see what is going on. We don't need to be told. Apart from that, this is a very strong episode and a great way for Shanks to bow out.


SG-1 must mount a rescue mission on an inhospitable planet. Their goal: to save Heimdall, an Asgard scientist, and secure an underground laboratory before they fall into the hands of Anubis. But complications arise in the form of an unexpected wildcard, the Goa'uld threat, and a shocking revelation concerning the Asgard...

Revelations sees the introduction of the first fully CGI created Asgard in the series - we get to learn a little of their history and why they look the way they do. We are also finally introduced to Anubis - apparently more of his history will be uncovered in season six. Richard Dean Anderson is his usual witty self, but he spends a lot of time running around the Goa'uld ship looking like the top portion of his hair has been dyed yellow.

While the episode doesn't have a typical season climactic ending, it is rather moving.

Extras on the disc include SG1 video diaries by both Richard Dean Anderson and Corin Nemec; Volume 26 episode previews; Dr Daniel Jackson: a tribute; Stargate SG-1 directors series. audio commentaries for both episodes and Season 6 stills gallery. Although, sadly these extras are not a patch on other season finale disc extras.

Two great episodes that round season five off wonderfully,

Darren Rea

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