The Final Battle

Starring: Marc Singer, Michael Ironside & Robert Englund
Warner Home Video
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Certificate: 15
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Following on from the events in V: The Mini Series, the resistance are still attempting to overthrow the mysterious visitors. From the birth of the first interspecies child to a harrowing countdown to alien invaders mankind lives on a knife's edge. Will the rebellion succeed, or be crushed?...

V: The Final Battle is an impressive piece of television history. First broadcast in 1984 this series has everything. If you are after giant spaceships, laser gun battles, psychological brainwashing, inter-species propagation and an eerie soundtrack (composed by Dennis McCarthy who went on to compose music for Star Trek: The Next Generation, Deep Space Nine and Voyager) then you won't be disappointed.

Among the cast are Marc (Beastmaster) Singer, Robert (A Nightmare on Elm Street) Englund and Michael (Scanners, Total Recall & Starship Troopers) Ironside. Also appearing briefly is regular Trek extra Dick (Gremlins) Miller.

The show's themes of fascism, rebellion, the fight for survival and the concerns for the depletion of the Earth's natural resources are as fashionable today as when the series was first broadcast - shame the same can not be said about the clothes and hairstyles featured.

The picture quality for The Final Battle is nice and crisp and has even been transferred to widescreen with a Dolby Digital soundtrack.

If you are after quality storytelling and some impressive (if a little dated) special effects then you will love this.

Nick Smithson

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