Hammer House of Horror
The Vampire Collection

Starring: Ingrid Pitt, Nigel Green, Peter Cushing, David Warbeck, & Madeleine Collinson
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Certificate: 18
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Countess Elizabeth is an embittered widow who discovers by accident that the blood of young women can make her appear youthful again. Enlisting the help of her devoted servant she kidnaps a number of women in order to keep her looking young. She falls in love with a young officer and must keep killing in order to ensure her youthful appearance...

Based very loosely on the true story of Countess Elizabeth Bathory, a 16th century noble woman who had a fondness for bathing in the blood of virgins, Countess Dracula is not a bad movie, but the plot is so badly stretched over the duration of the film that if you are still awake by the end then count yourself lucky.

Harry Robinson's soundtrack is probably the best thing about this movie - and it is a very emotive piece of work. Shame the trailer tells the same story in under three minutes.


A pair of beautiful female orphaned twins leave Vienna to stay with their aunt and Uncle in the small village of Karnstein. Their uncle is a fanatical Puritan who has been leading a witch hunt to try and find the demon who has been draining the blood of innocent victims...

Twins of Evil stars Peter Cushing as the girls' uncle who burns first and asks questions later. This is pure sexploitation from beginning to end. From the minute we are introduced to the twins we know it is only a matter of time before they undress and prance around. And what is with the sexual fondling of a candle shot during the sex scene?

Cushing is superb as usual, and everyone else fumbles through.


A circus arrives at a Serbian village where it performs a spectacular show for the inhabitants. But there is more to this show than meets the eye and one be one the village's children begin to disappear. Do the circus performers know more than they are letting on?...

Vampire Circus comes with the tag line "The Greatest Blood-Show on Earth!" which made me chuckle. This is a below par outing which features Dave Prowse (who later went on to play Darth Vader) as the circus strongman.

There is a fully naked dance scene (a woman who has been body painted from head to toe to resemble a cat!) and I suggest you close your eyes when she spreads her legs!

The fact that you couldn't give a toss about the villagers and you want them to die says a lot about this movie.


Collecting these three movies together under a "vampire collection" themed release was a mistake. Watching all three movies back to back you suddenly realise how little plot vampire movies have and the need to bare some flesh at every moment just goes to show how desperate the movie producers were to attract punters. Save you money for one of the better Hammer box sets which have been released.

Pete Boomer

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