Mighty Morphin Power Rangers
DVD Double Pack

Starring: Johnny Yong Bosch, Jason David Frank, Catherine Sutherland & Amy Jo Johnson
20th Century Fox

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Certificate: PG
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Zordon, an interdimensional being arrives at the City of Angel Grove with his robotic helper, Alpha 5, to make a stand against the forces of darkness. When Ivan Ooze (yeah, really!) is accidentally released from an egg which has held him captive for six thousand years, the Power Rangers are sent to stop him, only to find they are lacking the necessary energy. Happily, there just happens to be enough on another planet...

You know when you get a movie which is so bad it's good? Well, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie isn't one of those; this is so bad it's worse! Power Rangers proved popular with kids a few years back, and was even the preferred toy at Christmas that first year. However, the minds and opinions of kids are at best fickle. Yesterday's news is today's blues; what was hip is now hokum, etc.

From the start the Ranger kids are full of American clichés that are supposed to display their street cred. All it succeeds in doing is grating with the viewer, with excessive use of phrases like, "Right! Let's Go! Let's Do it!" and giving each other high-fives. I had to smile though when the villains legged-it during the first, prolonged metamorphoses into Power Rangers; it just about summed up the silliness of it all.


Turbo: A Power Rangers Movie, is a considerable improvement on the first outing.

Lerigot is a wizard that holds the key to interdimensional gateways. He is plagued by space pirate Divatox who wants to release a demon creature. Enter the Power Rangers and you almost wish for a nuclear strike to interrupt the viewing...

To be fair the Power Rangers are much more restrained this time, but why oh why must all the villains be so juvenile? You should never talk down to a young audience, because they're not as gullible and easy to please as it might seem.

In these films the perpetrators of crime wear glittery armour and talk in high-pitch squeaky voices. There's no tension, only a never-ending series of set-pieces. Also, there's no valid reason why they want to rule the Earth, they just do. It's tantamount to the days of silent movie moustachioed villains twirling a cape and miming maniacal laughter.

The Power Rangers themselves look for all the world like a set of blackbelt colouring pencils. Hmm... Now there's a missed marketing opportunity. Power Rangers might well hold the attention of very small children now, but it was plainly a passing trend.

I can understand the financial reasoning behind teaming-up these two releases; however, the metaphorical boat has well and truly sailed, leaving our unlikely heroes behind.

Ty Power

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