Interview With The Vampire (Special Edition)

Starring: Tom Cruise, Brad Pitt, Kirsten Dunst, Antonio Banderas, Stephen Rea & Christian Slater
Warner Home Video

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Certificate: 18
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The Vampire Lestat, ageless, immortal and evil is sustained through the centuries by the blood of countless victims. Louis De Pointe Du Lac is a broken man, devastated by the loss of his beloved wife and infant daughter. Amid the unbearable heat of New Orleans, the air thick with desire and unspeakable horror, Louis encounters Lestat. Over 200 years later, Louis decides to tell his story - a vampire's story of love, yearning, grief, terror and ecstasy - to a young reporter, weaving the history that will come to be known as Interview With The Vampire...

This movie brought together some of the greatest talent working in Hollywood. Cruise and Pitt are perfect as the two undead blood quaffers. There is hardly a bad scene, actor or line of dialogue in the whole production and is arguable the greatest modern vampire story to be brought to the big screen.

Just why this DVD is entitled 'Special Edition' is never quite explained. The extras are nothing exciting and the 'Special Introduction' by the author, Anne Rice, and the director, Neil Jordon, is pointless - one minute of clips and a few throw away remarks. Oh, and this introduction plays whether you want it to or not at the start of the movie. The packaging comes in the form of the truly horrible Warner patented cardboard sleeve stuck to a plastic click-pack which I have never understood. It looks ugly, it soon starts to come unstuck and it looks cheap. Thankfully another cardboard sleeve is provided to place over this eyesore.

Interview With The Vampire is an exceptionally well acted, directed and produced movie that, to be honest, no amount of extras would have made any difference.

If you've already bought this on DVD it's not worth buying this edition, but if you want a great movie that can be watched again and again then this is a must buy.

Nick Smithson

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