Blackadder's Christmas Carol

Starring: Rowan Atkinson, Tony Robinson, Robbie Coltrane, Miranda Richardson, Hugh Laurie & Stephen Fry
BBC Worldwide Publishing

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Certificate: PG
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Dickens' classic A Christmas Carol tale of kindness, truth and virtue is retold with a member of the Blackadder family in the role of Scrooge. However this is not the traditional Scrooge we know. Blackadder is in fact a kind, generous soul. However, on Christmas Eve the Spirit of Christmas appears and shows him how mean the Blackadder family have always been. It isn't long before Scrooge sees the error of his good, kind ways...

Blackadder's Christmas Carol turns the classic Dickens' tale on its head. It seems that the Blackadder family has mellowed somewhat and this story sees Blackadder portrayed as a kind, benevolent character. It takes the Spirit of Christmas (Robbie Coltrane) to make him see the error of his ways.

There are some surprise guest appearances including Doctor Who companion Nicola Bryant as the 'awful screaming woman' and Erkan Mustafa, who Grange Hill fans will remember as Rowland Browning, as one of the enormous orphans.

The only real problem with this DVD was that there were no extras of any description. A commentary would have been welcomed. While the retail price is only £13 this still seems a little expensive.

It seems that the BBC have played Scrooge and given us nothing other than the 43 minute episode. That said, this is still a great production.

Pete Boomer

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