Starring: Rupert Grint, Bruce Cook, Simon Callow & Stephen Fry
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Young Patrick Smash is an outsider at school because in his own words he "cannot control my arse". Shunned by his fellow school chums for his propensity to emit noxious gases, he is befriended by child genius Alan A. Allen. Alan invents a pair of Thunderpants for Patrick to control his stinky emissions and on discovering the possibilities of farts as a fuel source, they go on to win an air race in a contraption powered by Patrick's guffs...

Thunderpants is a one gag joke and as an hour and a half long movie it shouldn't work, but it does and to great effect. Director Pete Hewitt does a magnificent job of turning this into a must see family affair.

Stylistically the movie is a beauty to behold. The majority of the sets and prop are green which help give a surreal feeling to the whole production - especially the exterior of Patrick's house where there are a number of identical green cars parked. Also the scenes set in the UK seem to be set in the 1940-50's, yet the scenes in the USA are set very much in the present time. The movie is certainly set in modern day as we see the International Space Station.

There are a number of great cameo appearances including Simon Callow, Stephen Fry, Ned Beatty, Leslie Philips and Robert Hardy - the deleted scenes also show a cut scene featuring Nigel Planer.

There are loads of extras including an audio commentary by Hewitt, deleted scenes, Going All The Way music video, storyboards and photo gallery. Also included are the theatrical and teaser trailers, interviews with both child actors and Hewitt, a fart montage and Patrick Smash's video diary as well as a whole heap of DVD-Rom extras.

The deleted scenes are interesting. There is one scene where Patrick is approaching Alan's house and we see Alan getting into a car which then drives off. Alan looks stony faced at Patrick as they pass him and the movie doesn't really explain why he doesn't wave or say something to Patrick as he is unlikely to see his friend again. But one of the deleted scenes shows that Patrick had farted on Alan earlier in an attempt to be liked by the school bullies. Cutting this scene was a bit of a mistake and its inclusion would have helped us understand why Alan was so cold on his departure.

This movie really is a blast!

Darren Rea

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