Minority Report
2-Disc Set

Starring: Tom Cruise, Samantha Morton, Colin J. Farrell, Max Von Sydow & Peter Stormare
20th Century Fox Home Entertainment

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Certificate: 12
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In the year 2054, Washington DC's Department of Precrime seems to offer the perfect solution to homicide. Thanks to the predictions of three clairvoyants, would-be murderers are arrested before they have the chance to harm anyone. The system is supposed to be infallible - until Precrime cop John Anderton finds that he himself has been implicated...

Spielberg follows up the truly dire A.I. with a very different movie. Minority Report is grittier, more dark and generally far removed from previous Spielberg projects.

2000AD readers will feel at home as the world we are introduced to is not dissimilar to that of Mega-City One's department of precrime, Psi-Division.

Those who marvelled at the cityscapes depicted in classic movies like Blade Runner and Total Recall will feel right at home, but then those too were based on Philip K Dick stories. However the world of Minority Report is further explored and we get to see a number of bizarre futuristic devices and weapons. The citizens of the future must submit to retina scans wherever they travel or shop. Advertisements are more invasive than ever, with devices exploiting retinal IDs to target specific shoppers and hard-sell products to them. With a touch of cynical irony, the latter story element dovetails a little too neatly with some of the most shameless product placement that I have ever seen in a movie.

Futuristic weapons include police "sick sticks" - non-lethal weapons that incapacitate suspects by inducing vomiting as well as a gun which uses sound waves to incapacitate living creatures. In the extras to the DVD Spielberg talks of how these weapons, as well as transportation devices like the Maglev system, were created by a think tank where everyone was encouraged to throw any ideas, however weird, into the arena.

The other extras on the disc are of standard quality. With features that look at the story and the possibility of any of the technology being introduced in the future; a feature on the actors and characters; stunt sequences and a look at a number of special effects sequences. Frankly I'd rather pay less and just receive the movie, but the extras are fairly interesting.

I wonderfully fresh movie from Spielberg which is destined to become a classic alongside Blade Runner.

Pete Boomer

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