The Adventures of Pluto Nash - Region 1 DVD

Starring: Eddie Murphy, Randy Quaid, Rosario Dawson & John Cleese
Warner Bros
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Certificate: PG-13
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The year is 2087 and the future isn't what it used to be now that mobsters are muscling in on Pluto Nash's Club Pluto. But Pluto isn't ready to kiss his assets goodbye. With the help of his robo-bodyguard, an aspiring singer, his heat-packin' mother, a schnook-turned- superstar entertainer and other misfits, Pluto plans to blast the mob into orbit...

The Adventures of Pluto Nash completely passed me by when it was released in theatres in the UK. That's a shame really, because this is an enjoyable romp and one of Eddie Murphy's better films of late.

After Murphy's Pluto Nash, Randy Quaid's robot bodyguard is the greatest asset to this film. Quaid plays the part of Bruno, Nash's confidant and life saver. Being 24-years old has a number of distinct disadvantages. He smokes terribly when being recharged and his voice chip is shot to hell.

There are some obvious and rather puerile jokes - like calling the bad guy Mr Belcher - Ha! Ha! Get it? But there are also a number of subtle jokes included too - If you look closely at the front of the buildings in Little America you'll notice that The Rocky Horror Picture Show is still alive and kicking in the future. There is also a running joke about the price of wood items on the moon which is amusing.

There are a couple of notable cameo appearances from well known actors including John Cleese, playing a computer generated chauffeur, and Alec Baldwin as a heavy. But it is Murphy who steels the limelight in every scene.

The extras on the disc are nothing too exciting. All we get are four deleted scenes, a music video and the making of the music video.

A fun, if unchallenging, movie that will appeal to the younger generation. The twisty ending is also a little unexpected, but has been done before.

Pete Boomer

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