Call it a Stargate

Starring: Peter Ward, Ian Paterson & Lee Burt
Superteam Productions

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Certificate: PG
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When an alien ship crash-lands on Earth its deadly cargo of Replicators are unleashed. SGC sends in SG-1 to stop the aliens before they can take over the planet...

If you downloaded the first Call it a Stargate movie then you won't want to miss this follow up. And boy, how this production company have matured in such a short space of time. Earthbound is both funny and well produced. Not only that, but no money was spent on creating the special effects - which look fantastic.

The opening sequence sees an Asgard ship crash-land on Earth and the shockwave it creates looks great - sending debris (including humans) hurtling towards a young girl. Then there are numerous space ships, tanks and the replicators - all of which look amazing when you consider this was produced for free.

This time around the guys at Superteam have managed to attract more friends to take on additional roles to help flesh the production out more. This allows the movie to move along at a smoother pace than previously. The acting is still poor, but that does not really detract from a fantastic production.

This is a superb fan film - one that all Stargate SG-1 fans should see. But don't just take my word for it. You can see the movie free by clicking here.

The DVD version we were sent includes a making of documentary and deleted scenes, which are fun to watch.

Also fans are advised that Superteam are hard at work on their third instalment.

Nick Smithson

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