Family Guy
Season 2

20th Century Fox
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The Griffin family continue to face a whole load of new family dilemmas including Brian's peeing problem, Peter's addiction to liposuction and Meg's run in with the law when she is blamed for slanderously "outing" teen heartthrob Luke Perry. Meanwhile, Peter and Brian embark on a Willy Wonka inspired brewery contest and Stevie gets kidnapped by a band of mutants...

Season two of Family Guy sees the return of the dysfunctional family in 15 new stories including a previously unscreened episode, When You Wish Upon a Weinstein, that was considered "too offensive" for television audiences. Or at least that's what Fox are claiming. While there are a number of Jewish jokes, this episode is no more offensive than any of the other episodes in season two.

And that is part of the charm of Family Guy. The show is not frightened to tackle sexist or racist issues. Peter Griffin is a fool, a backwards individual who is constantly un-PC. The jokes are not at the expense of ethnic minorities, women or the disabled. It is Griffin and his backwards views that make for comedy.

Some of the great scenes that will make you cringe include Peter getting in touch with his feminine side and attempting to breast feed Stewie; Stewie's homosexual teddy, Rupert; and the notion that the UK doesn't have drive-by shootings. Instead they have drive-by civil arguments.

Sci-fi fans will no doubt love the nods to TV shows and movies including Star Wars, Return of the Jedi, Indiana Jones, The Incredible Hulk and Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. And guest stars include Mark Hamill, Patrick Duffy, Victoria Principal, Haley Joel Osment, Adam West and Luke Perry.

A whole load of belly laughs are assured in each and every episode. This is brilliantly funny. Shame there are no extras or this would have been the perfect DVD.

Nick Smithson

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