Joe 90
Volume 5

Carlton Home Entertainment
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Certificate: U
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The last Joe 90 disc stands up as well as the first - its episodes as exciting and as well made as any in the series. And just as importantly, the central characters that made this show such a gem had been so well defined by this stage in the production that it is easy to forget that they are just puppets.

Joe 90 marked the beginning of the end for the Supermarionation technique - Century 21 productions would soon turn to live action - but watching this DVD makes it clear that although the puppet shows were nearing their end there was still plenty of life left in the formula, even at this late stage in the game.

For pure, simple pleasure Child of the Sun God and Viva Cordova are hard to beat but there really isn't a bad episode here, or for that matter anywhere else in the series. Wave this disc under the nose of a Captain Scarlet fan as proof that Joe the diminutive spy was always the equal of the indestructible Mysteron double and often his better.

Anthony Clark

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