Season Three

Starring: David Boreanaz
20th Century Fox
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Angel is faced with the reality that all of his actions, whether 300 years past or just three hours ago, have major consequences. He struggles with his past romance with the vampire Darla as well as his growing yet unrequited love for Cordelia...

Season three of Angel is, to date, the best series so far. The series begins with Angel returning from his summer retreat to get over the death of his beloved Buffy and with her show's move to a new network Angel the series gets to stand on its own and prove its worth with no crossovers between the two allowed.

The stories get more intriguing and as you get sucked into their strange world you get to know the characters even better than before. Fred is still haunted by the nightmare dimension from which they rescued her; Cordelia's visions get ever more painful and debilitating. The schemes of the evil law firm Wolfram and Hart become every more imaginative and dragon lady Lilah Morgan becomes even more of an enemy when lusting after Angel. Unbelievably, Darla, Angel's vampire sire and lover, turns up, pregnant with his child and is tortured by inexplicable motherly feelings as well as a raging thirst for human blood.

Some classic episodes make up this series, especially those that follow the arrival of Darla and how their human son is brought into this world. Definitely worth a repeat viewing are Offspring, Quickening, Lullaby and Dad. The first few episodes see life for Angel running pretty smooth but then the latest big bad makes an appearance - a very old enemy of Angelus, Holtz the Vampire Hunter. The series sees Holtz's need for Angel to suffer grow, and when he receives the knowledge of the birth of Angles son a plan is brought into action.

As the series moves to its climax, the series descends to a darker plane than ever before, with some amazing stories and acting. Wesley (Alexis Denisof) has hard choices to make. The devastating climax is compulsive viewing and this series also contains one of the most impressive single episodes the show has yet come up with. That Vision Thing and Birthday also sees some great performances from Charisma Carpenter and The Price is the first Angel episode to have a fully CGI bad guy.

With a wide selection of extras including outtakes, scripts and commentaries, this is a definite must have for all DVD collections.

Keri Allan

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