Stargate SG-1
Volume 26

Starring: Richard Dean Anderson, Amanda Tapping, Christopher Judge & Corin Nemec
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Certificate: PG
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SG-1 faces two potential disasters light years apart as an energy build-up in the Stargate threatens to destroy Earth, and Teal'c returns home to find his wife dead, his son estranged and his planet under attack!...

Redemption: Part One sees the introduction of the first human built craft that is capable of interstellar travel and you just know that this is going to play an important part later in the episode. There is some much needed light relief as Jonas attempts to 'get in' with the individual members of SG-1, including a great boxing sequence with Teal'c.

Teal'c's son, Rya'c, gets to do quite a lot in this episode, including giving us yet another pronunciation for the word "Goa'uld." Not a bad introduction to the sixth season.

As Teal'c and his son battle to save Earth, O'Neill pilots the X-3, a newly designed interstellar spacecraft that will carry the Stargate far away from Earth so it can explode harmlessly in deep space. But how will SG-1 operate without the Stargate?...

Redemption: Part Two tackles an interesting Stargate problem - how did they manage to get the Stargate inside the mountain complex in the first place? Strangely enough I watched this with an 11 year old who had suggested this solution after watching the first episode - he also pointed out where they could get another one from. Not that this was difficult to work out with Hammond's Russian counterpart sitting in his office for most of the episode.

This episode works well as the conclusion to a two parter and the slow embracing of Jonas as the fourth member of SG-1 works rather well. And strangely enough I didn't actually miss Daniel Jackson at all. SG-1 fans will not be disappointed.

SG-1 investigates an abandoned Goa'uld ship orbiting Earth. While trying to investigate the ship, saboteurs attack and the vessel plummets to Earth, deep into the ocean, with O'Neill and his crew trapped inside... and time running out...

Descent sees Jonas finally on the team, but left out of the action. We are also introduced to a new member of the SGC and as you'd expect 'new member on a mission' usually means one less member of SGC makes it back home alive. And guess what... he just can't make it through the mission.

There is also yet another pronunciation of "Goa'uld" that we have not heard before. Surely you'd have thought that someone would have pointed out by now the correct pronunciation. On the whole this episode is slightly below par, but still entertaining.

A frozen female alien, that might predate human evolution by 50 million years, is discovered in Antarctica. She might, in fact, be part of the race that invented the Stargate. After SG-1 manages to thaw her back to life, they discover she may be the source of a deadly virus...

Frozen is an interesting episode, even if the basic premise is not original - friendly alien carries a virus. This episode is both exciting and moving and concludes rather well. It was after watching this episode that I realised how incredibly well Corin Nemec (and the writers) have managed to make the audience warm to Jonas - to be honest I already like him better than Daniel Jackson.

This episode also sees a guest appearance from The X-Files' Bruce Harwood. And Richard Dean Anderson's desperate attempt to appear on The Simpsons as a guest actor is getting ever more apparent with yet another obvious plug for the show - but who can blame him.

By far the best episode of season six so far.

Extras on this disc are as we have come to expect. Including two behind the scenes documentaries for two future episodes; commentaries for each episode by various members of the crew; Season 6 stills gallery; Volume 27 episode preview; and season 6 fan club spot.

Descent provides the best commentary. Peter DeLuise is always amusing and this time he has the added humour of Gary "Technician" Jones to play off. And it was also during this episode that the fact that Jonas is always eating is brought to the viewers attention - something I didn't pick up on and is amusing once you know to look out for it.

The only slight moan I had was that the two 10 minute features, which look behind the scenes on two future episodes, give a little too much away about episodes we haven't had the chance to watch yet.

That said, the first four episodes of season six do not disappoint. Here's hoping that the rest of the series are as entertaining.

Darren Rea

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